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Presented by interdisciplinary faculty with a broad range of experiences, PV Updates is a series with video and monographs that delivers scientific reviews of the latest clinical trials, real world evidence, as well as protocols and implementation of practices, all intended to maximize patient care and outcomes.

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Designed to address specific areas of clinical need, PV Updates are available for qualified healthcare professionals.

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PV Roundup Medical News Roundup Podcasts:
Interviews and Commentary Covering Topics You Needs To Know In Minutes a Day

Stay informed on the latest breakthroughs, outcomes, and data in the world of medicine. PV roundup’s  podcast brings you up-to-date on the top advances in medical science. Join us each episode to get the major news that impacts your daily practice and patient care. Subscribe to our podcasts  available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, TuneIN, or Google. You can also download our Amazon Alexa flash briefing: “Medical News Roundup” and just ask for today's flash briefing.

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